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Orchestral Music

A Soldier's Symphony

Three-movement work for Symphony Orchestra (in progress)

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First Movement - Finale Midi File
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Second Movement - Finale Midi File
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Three Aspects

One-movement work for Symphony Orchestra

Recorded by Royal Scottish National Orchestra

Directed by Mikel Toms

Released on Ablaze Records, Orchestral Masters, Vol. 10

PDF Score

Jason Phillips states that whilst his work Three Aspects is not programmatic, it does depict his journey from darkness as a combat veteran, to one of light and music. It generally has an anti-war theme. There are many different ideas and moods in this work, and sometimes it sounds quite frenetic and at other times serene. The work is about twenty minutes long, but one easily follows the progress of the work as the composer has a good idea of structure and, like all of the works here, he uses the orchestral palate well. This is quite a powerful work.

Geoff Pearce, CD Spotlight

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